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This Consulting Services Agreement is made between Expozeur (the "Consultant") and the Company signing (the "Client").

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This Consulting Services Agreement is made between Expozeur (the "Consultant") and the Company signing (the "Client"), effective as of the date of signing. This agreement will automatically end six months from that date.

What We'll Do (Scope of Services)

Consultant will provide the services that you (the Client) have selected within the Package Options section. The Consultant will decide the method, details, and means of performing these services.

What You'll Pay (Payment)

The Client agrees to pay the Consultant according to the package selected above. Here's how it works:

  • Payment is always required prior to commencing work.
  • Payment can be made by check, ACH, wire transfer, or Zelle.
  • Invoices will be provided only upon request.
What You'll Do (Client Responsibilities)

You (the Client) agree to:

  • Provide timely access to all necessary backend software and tools.
  • Complete homework and learning assignments in the times agreed upon.
  • Hire or delegate work to another person/party in order to stay on course and make up for any lack of time or learning that would be otherwise required.
  • Provide any other materials needed for the Consultant to do the job.
  • Give feedback or approvals when needed.

If the Client does not provide the necessary materials or feedback within agreed-upon timelines at the Consultant's request, the Consultant may extend the deadlines for deliverables by a corresponding number of days. Continued failure by the Client to meet their responsibilities may result in a loss of that deliverable or step in our progress.

Meetings and Scheduling

Meetings will be virtual and limited to 60 minutes. Either party can reschedule a meeting with 2 days' notice as a courtesy to one another. No rollovers are provided for missed meetings, but an occasional allowance is covered by grace. Calls must take place within the first 3 months. Specific meeting attributes are further defined above in the section titled Package Options.

Keeping Things Private (Confidentiality)

Both of us agree to keep confidential info confidential. This includes pricing, internal tools, strategies or any other secrets – or contracts like this document. Neither party will share such info without the other's permission. The Consultant may use the Client's likeness, including but not limited to logo, project, case study, or story for marketing purposes but won't share sensitive or private information like financials without permission.

Workshops and group coaching calls should be assumed to be public; Metamorphosis and Time-Warp packages may opt-out (in writing) of recordings during 1:1 coaching calls/workshops that may otherwise be used for course materials or marketing.

Who Owns What (Ownership of Work)

You own any material made for you as a finished product for your brand. But we (the Consultant) keep the rights to templates and tools that we provide to our clients, which you will also receive.

If Things Go Wrong (Liabilities)

We each agree to cover the other if someone else makes a claim because we did something wrong. But neither of us will be responsible for other types of losses.

Ending the Agreement (Termination)

Either of us can end this agreement with 45 days' notice. The Consultant has to frontload a tremendous amount of the work, so refunds will be provided in full as long as work has not commenced. After work has commenced, a refund will be provided in the event of circumstances beyond the Client's control, such as serious illness or personal emergencies or financial calamity. Refund amounts will be calculated based on the remaining phases and progress of the work, and may be subject to an additional 15% fee.

Acts of God (Force Majeure)

If something unusual or extraordinary happens (like a natural disaster), neither of us is at fault if we can't do the work. But we should let the other know and try to get back on track.

If We Disagree (Dispute Resolution)

If we disagree, we'll try to talk it out and resolve the issue amicably within a period of 10 days. If that fails, we'll try mediation within 30 days. If mediation does not result in a resolution, we'll proceed to binding arbitration in Palm Beach County, Florida.

What the Law Says (Governing Law)

Palm Beach County, Florida law governs this agreement.

The Whole Deal (Entire Agreement)

This agreement is the full deal between us and supersedes any other communication. If we want to change it, we agree to write it down and sign it, indicating mutual agreement.

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