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June 13, 2022
Fertig, Brandon

7901 4th St N STE 300
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This is where everything changes.

Strap yourself in.

It's time to take a quantum leap.

Let's turn your business into a brand.

package options.

Please read this carefully to get a clear and concise explanation of the packages. We'll cover the specific details further down.

There are 3 packages offered. With each tier there is generally an increase in done-for-you services and in personalized consulting time.

Additional services may fall outside of the scope of consulting altogether, like custom website projects and ongoing marketing management. Here, we lay the foundations for these things, and will help you build these atop that foundation.

Pricing is easy to understand. If you want to move faster and achieve more while putting in minimal efforts, your investment will be higher. If you're okay with putting in a lot of work and you're comfortable with slow and steady progress, the financial cost will be less. Either way, we'll be making progress. The questions are: how much progress and how fast?

The top-tier consulting package is called Time-Warp because it is a quantum leap experience that includes an intense level of attention and care in a condensed period of time. This is going to be for the entrepreneur who is looking to move at lightspeed and includes a lot of done-for-you services to minimize your efforts. Imagine having a partner –– without giving up any equity and without any long-term commitments.

The mid-tier program is called Metamorphosis, and is the perfect solution for most businesses that are seeking to become brands. This includes hands-on, one-to-one consulting week in and week out, with some done-for-you services and lots of personalized guidance on business decisions that will shape the next 3-5 years of your business.

Last but not least is Liftoff, which you can think of as the self-starter accelerator program. This is for the new entrepreneur who is looking to start a business and is beyond the stage of incorporation. This entrepreneur is ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Even at this level, we provide you with 1-to-1 personalized consulting and the same framework as the higher tiers – but without any done-for-you services.

At the end of the day, the ROI should be many multiples of the investment level. How much are you willing to invest in your business?

Pick the package below, and let's get started.

choose your package.

Select your consulting package below.

Self-Starter Accelerator
Weekly one-on-one strategy calls (1 hour call) for 3 months (12 total)
Access to our proprietary toolkit of growth frameworks and models from the higher-tier options
Actionable recommendations and plans across key areas like marketing, branding, operations, sales, and technology in your business
Slack support for access to help in overcoming growing pains
[FUTURE AVAILABILITY] Monthly group Q&A webinars
[FUTURE AVAILABILITY] Lifetime access to Facebook group
Turnkey Transformation
All Liftoff Package benefits
Weekly one-on-one strategy calls (1 hour call) for 3 months (12 total) with our founder [no group coaching]
3 workshop calls (2 hour call) with our founder [no group coaching]
Weekly review and refinement of ongoing business activities and operations
Priority email and phone support with our founder
Enhanced Slack access with priority response (within 48 hours)
Visual brand identity design (brand guidelines, logo refinement, website landing page, social media templates, print collateral)
Quantum Leap Experience
All Liftoff & Metamorphosis Package benefits
2-day immersive workshop in Costa Rica
1 additional vacation day in Costa Rica for tourism
Weekly one-on-one strategy calls (1 hour call) for 6 months (24 total) with our founder [no group coaching]
6 workshop calls (2 hour call) with our founder [no group coaching]
Our team handles all execution of branding and marketing initiatives, and identified growth strategies from the retreat
VIP Access: Priority scheduling with our founder for impromptu strategy calls and crisis management
Professional Website Build: Design & development of a new website to maximize conversions and showcase your new brand
Photography and Video: Portrait photography and an interview-style short-film promotional video (travel costs excluded)
PR Strategy: Tailored PR strategy, media training, and press release support

Select your consulting package above.

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