build your marketing machine.

Expozeur is more than a marketing agency – our expertise goes beyond tactics. We've constructed consulting programs to address root problems and implement robust solutions. But when you've got it all together and your business is "just" missing a little bit of marketing, we've got you covered, too. Let's build your marketing machine.

This 99% done-for-you marketing package allows us to take your offer, refine it (if needed), build the infrastructure to market it, conduct tons of testing, gain feedback for optimization, and create a winning campaign that makes the cash register ring.

achieve transformation without the stress


Branding Audit

In-depth SWOT analysis to gain insights into the present and vision into the future.

Offer Packaging &
Positioning Workshop

Guided workshop to review and refine an irresistible offering, and a series of potential cross-sells/up-sells/down-sells that can be tested.

Landing Page

High-converting landing page design and development with a top-tier user experience; focused on lead generation.

Marketing Strategy

Comprehensive and personalized page strategy that ensures a seamless brand experience across all channels. Spanning over five pages to serve as a treasure map that outlines our voyage across the sea of leads. This includes the Organic Social Media Playbook.

Organic Social
Media Playbook

Engaging social media strategy with pre-defined tactics and templates.

Custom CRM

Tailored CRM system set up for connectability and scale on Notion.

Search Advertising
Campaign Management

Capture the warmest leads and boost online presence on Google/Bing by skipping the line to the top of the search results.

Social Advertising
Campaign Management

Targeted social media advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, designed to reach and engage your ideal audience effectively. Other platforms are also available.*

Omni-Channel Remarketing Campaign Management

Re-engage with potential customers who have shown interest in your products or services, enhancing conversion rates and brand recall, with the introduction of evergreen remarketing campaigns that run forever.

Email Campaign Automation

Development and execution of high-impact email marketing campaigns designed to engage and nurture leads, driving conversions and customer loyalty.

Platform Integrations

Seamless integration of various systems and tools to ensure efficient communication and data flow between platforms, enhancing operational efficiency.

Monthly Maintenance
and Support

Targeted social media advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, designed to reach and engage your ideal audience effectively. Other platforms are also available.*

quick & painless implementation


Day 1-30
foundational development.
Phase 1

This phase involves setting up a strong base with a Branding Audit, Offer Packaging & Positioning Workshop, and development of a high-converting landing page. The goal is to lay the groundwork for a consistent and impactful brand identity, ensuring all marketing efforts are aligned with your business’s core values and objectives.

Day 31-90
Phase 2

In this phase, the focus is on launching your marketing efforts with an Omni-channel Marketing Strategy, Organic Social Media Playbook, Custom CRM Implementation, and management of targeted advertising campaigns. This phase ensures that your brand’s voice is heard loud and clear in the marketplace by creating multiple sub-campaigns that test copy, creative, and audience segmentation to inform future marketing.

Day 91+
machine in motion.
Phase 3

This final phase is when we finally have everything in place for our campaigns with all of our data communicating together. At this point, we have a strategy, we have the infrastructure for execution, and we have the execution itself underway. At the 3-month mark, the machine is now in motion. That's a short amount of time to make magic happen – but we won't abandon you. We'll be right by your side with Monthly Maintenance and Support to optimize campaign effectiveness.

for your information

just so you know.

Your Current Tools

We're the conductor for your digital orchestra, seamlessly integrating with your current tech stack, including pre-configured tools and software. We can work within your existing operations; no problem.1


It's truly a hands-off approach – leave the technology acrobatics to us. We handle all software and pay the bills for anything we deploy. Everything is included for all new tools we implement up until you scale to a certain level.2

For Every Ad Budget

We're your dance partner in the world of algorithms, making sure the music never stops. But, you'll have to fund the ball with a separate budget (we just need a credit card on file). Don't worry; we won't require a minimum ad budget.3

  1. We'll integrate with your current tech stack unless there is reason to suggest otherwise. For example, if you are using HubSpot for your CRM, we can adapt to that and avoid disrupting your employees, teams, and current data flow. If these tools are sub-optimal enough to warrant it, we'll upgrade your technology and do our best to guide you through any migrations that might be necessary for data connectivity.
  2. For new tools we deploy, we've got the tab – until your audience grows so big you need a stadium. Then we'll talk. That might look like an audience of 100,000+ contacts, ad spend above $10k per month, monthly revenue above $50,000, an employee headcount of more than 10, and so forth. Once your operational costs exceed a certain threshold, we'll require support from your accounting department.
  3. You are free to dictate your ad spend. We will advise you based upon strategic goals, though will not restrict you to a certain range. Actual ad spend will not included in our fees; this will be paid directly to the ad network with your card on file according to the parameters and strategy we set.
we're confident in your success


At Expozeur, we are committed to the success of our campaigns together. If our efforts do not start generating leads within 60 days from the campaign launch (day 91), we will continue to work with you at no additional cost until leads begin to materialize.

Here’s the fine print on the guarantee. Businesses with smaller budgets must be more patient, as their ad campaigns might take longer to gain traction and yield results. We will work with lower budgets, but our guarantee requires a minimum monthly ad spend of $5,000 in order to be a reasonable effort for a 3-month campaign launch. This amount ensures we have the necessary resources to test our creative, reach the right audience, and make the optimizations necessary to drive leads. If we do not have financial resources, then we will need time. Advertising results are driven by increased funds or increased time.

Regardless of your ad budget, our dedication to your campaign's success remains steadfast. Our ongoing monthly support and maintenance will allow us to be there by your side to make refinements and optimizations that increase campaign effectiveness and maximize ad budgets.